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Graphic Design

At Logo Wear Graphics, we understand that different projects require special amounts of attention as well as budget and schedule considerations.
We are happy to work with you to best accommodate your situation. To create the best visual communication and design work, there needs to be
harmony between creativity and function. Ideally that means there is a balance between 3 real factors: time, money, and quality. You simply can't
cut one or more and expect the others the stay strong.
When you indeed need the best graphic design and identity work possible, we are happy to help create a practical design that fits within your budget
and expected marketing venues. We offer our economical design process which typically consists of creating 1-2 unique design options per design
piece from which you can choose the final design. We will enable the option of up to two back-and-forth design development rounds to tweak the
design further to your satisfaction.

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